International Legal English Certification for Lawyers

What is the TOLES Certification? 

The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) was developed through exhaustive investigation and consulting with major law firms to understand their real needs in a wide gamut of commercial legal contexts.

It has been developed under the technical advice of highly experienced specialist lawyers with an eminently practical approach. Currently, because of its direct relationship to the practice of law, TOLES is a first-rate tool for measuring and certifying legal language skills in English. A great number of International law firms recognize the TOLES for its relevance, feasibility, and accuracy.

What advantages does TOLES certification offer to law firms?

  • TOLES certification can save 100’s  hours spent on redundant and irrelevant Legal English courses
  • TOLES training is  Measurable, Relevant and Progressive
  • Provides a realistic picture of new hire’s language skills in a Legal Context
  • Applied pre-hires, the TOLES exam provides the HHRR  an accurate tool to gauge a candidate’s true legal communication skills in English
  • Provides a clear overview of your organization’s ability to service international clients

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What advantages does TOLES certification offer to Practicing Lawyers?

  • TOLES validates an attorney’s true current ability to communicate effectively in legal contexts with proficiency and confidence
  • TOLES can pinpoints weaknesses in an attorney’s actual legal communication skills
  • Provides an accurate starting point to work towards Legal communication mastery
  • Provides a clear step by step program to achieve superior legal communication skills in English

Level 1 TOLES Foundations Exam

  • Timing: 90 minutes
  • What is Tested?: It tests basic grammar accuracy and legal vocabulary in real situations with attention to correct details more.
  • Main Focus: reading, writing and listening skills in real-world legal situations
  • What level of general English is needed?:  Pre-Intermediate or better
  • Recommended materials: ‘The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook’ and  grammar study text recommended
  • Scoring: There are 100 points possible
  • Certification: TOLES Higher Certificate with score explanation

Level 2 TOLES Higher Exam

  • Timing: 135 minutes  (can vary due to listening portion)
  • What is Tested?:  reading and writing  in legal contexts (90-minutes); listening comprehension (30-45 minutes)
  • Main Focus: reading, writing and listening skills in real-world legal situations
  • What level of general English is needed?: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Recommended materials: ‘The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook’ and  grammar study text recommended
  • Scoring: There are 100 points possible
  • Certification: TOLES Higher Certificate with score explanation

The higher exam requires mastery and total accuracy of international legal terminology, proficient use of advanced grammar, punctuation, high sensitivity to tone and register.  The exam requires correct interpretation of current legal topics and cases and absolute accuracy in the use of collocations, prepositions and legal terminology.

Level 3 TOLES Advanced Exam

  • Timing: 120 minutes
  • What  tested: Reading legal documents, drafting, editing and writing, control of tone and register, business idioms
  • Main Focus: Practical reading, writing and drafting skills in authentic legal situations
  • Appropriate level of general English: Upper Intermediate – Advanced
  • Recommended Training materials: ‘The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook’ and other legal English books/materials available at an advanced level.  Some study of commercial contracts and standard terms and conditions is recommended at this level.
  • Score: The are  500 points possible
  • Certificate: TOLES Advanced with grade explanation

Do you want to prepare for the TOLES?

EES is the official TOLES Legal training and testing center in Chile. Our TOLES preparation courses are designed to guide the student to achieve excellent performance on TOLES Certification, be it the  Foundations, Higher or the Advanced exam.

EES has been successfully preparing legal professionals to communicate clearly and effectively in  legal contexts .  At EES we know that successful TOLES certification needs to be true reflection of the student’s true ability to effectively communicate within the international legal environment. Dynamic and exam-centric, our courses encourage debate and discussion of legal topics to internalize vocabulary, texts and concepts in a meaningful context.

Our courses include the following:
•  Expert instruction
•  One seat for the official exam for each course participant (within 2 months of course completion) 
•  All needed official TOLES educational materials from TOLES Legal in the UK
•  Instructor selected extracts to expand on and reinforce course contents
 What are the main benefits of our TOLES courses? 
•  Improve competency for working in international legal contexts
 • You will be able to take the exam with higher confidence and competence
•  Hone skills and knowledge of legal English, issues and key concepts
•  Improve writing skills and accuracy for formal register letters and emails
•  Certify legal English abilities to employers and potential employers
Some of the topics covered include the following:  
•  Use of legal vocabulary in context.
•  Written legal communication. 
•  Simplifying and paraphrasing complex legal jargon
•  Reading comprehension of complex legal texts
•  Understanding of legal systems
•  grammatical accuracy in the legal context
•  Comprehension and usage of specific legal vocabulary related to international trade
•  Writing formal letters and communicating by email
•  Explaining and simplifying Clauses within a contract

Course formats:

Cursos  de Ingles Particulares La manera más eficiente y rapida de mejorar tu Ingles. Puedes elegir al Instuctor, el horario y el día que mejor se adaptan a tus necesidades. El curso Privado, one to one, de EES se adapta perfectamente a tus objetivos, desde desarrollar tu fluidez y vocabulario, hasta la preparación para entrevistas o negociaciones con extranjeros.

Cursos  Semi-Privados La Instrucción Semi Privada te permite avanzar rápidamente en el idioma para lograr tus objetivos, mientras compartes los costos del curso con un amigo o colega. Pagas aproximadamente la mitad  de un curso one to one, pero con las mismas ventajas.

Cursos Grupales Corporativos (3 a 8 participantes) Para grupos de 3 a 8 participantes de la misma empresa, el horario y programa de estudio son personalizadas y alineadas con la estrategia y objetivos de cada cliente.

Cursos Intensivos Todos nuestros cursos ofrecen la posibilidad de ser dictados de manera intensiva, esto es tomando clases todos los días de lunes a viernes, 2 a 8 horas de clases al día.


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