Language and the Fine Art of Negotiation

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language and the Fine-art-of-Negotiation

To negotiate is to seek a compromise; however, to compromise is not to lose face. Once you accept this fact, you are on the right path to become a successful negotiator. In fact, the essence of successful negotiations is the willingness to compromise. This holds true for every facet of life – marriage, shopping, and even, business decisions. Hence, it is imperative that you learn the secrets of successful negotiation.

The first step is to establish clearly defined objectives and list them. Next, you need to prioritize the items on this list depending on their relative importance to you and your company. After listing and prioritizing objectives, the next step while planning negotiations is determining where and when to negotiate. While initial contact may be through email or telephone, you must meet in person to take the proposal forward. The first communication during initial contact need not be elaborate; it may be even be a simple message expressing your desire to meet to discuss future orders or cost reductions.

If you are trained in a language in which your client or your supplier speak natively, you can be sure you will be treated with more respect and understanding than someone who doesn’t. Also, since you know the language, the other party won’t be able to confer secretly in your presence. All these increase your chances of success at the negotiating table.

The  importance of quality language training for effective negotiation is clear and at EES we are experts in language training for business communication.




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