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The GMAT has long been accepted as the de facto standard test for admission to b-schools worldwide. Not surprisingly, there is a gamut of study sources out there. One of the first challenges you will face in breaching the 700 barrier is in determining the best way to prepare. While you, as an applicant, may greatly benefit from specialized guidance as offered by Cursos GMAT at 700 Plus GMAT Chile, there’s no harm in doing some preparation yourself. That brings us the question – which is the best GMAT study resource available?

Now, “best” is a matter of opinion, and different people may have different perceptions. With that being said, I have always found The Official Guide for GMAT Review to be the best study resource out there. If you think this through, it makes sense to go for the OG, as it is popularly called. When you buy a new television, you refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for guidance. Considering that the OG is published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the same body that conducts the GMAT, this choice is logical.

You can purchase the OG directly from the GMAC website  or  Amazon

As of today, the OG is in its 13th edition and includes:

  • A total of 907 questions and thorough answer explanations for each
  • 100-question diagnostic test
  • 807 practice questions in order of difficulty
  • 270 essay topics, sample responses, and scoring information
  • Overview of the Integrated Reasoning
  • Comprehensive math and grammar reviews
  • The truth about the Top 10 GMAT myths
  • Tips to prepare for the GMAT exam

Of course, if you have the time (and the money), you can also pick up The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review as well. There is no overlap of content between any of these Official Guides.

by Howard Spencer


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